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This enclosure of the shell is a permanent development of the arrangement seen in many Streptoneura e.

2. The English Enclosures

These remains consist of Etruscan tombs, the sacred enclosure of the goddess Nortia, with votive objects and coins ranging from the beginning of the 3rd century B. From the terrace could be seen seventy or more other temples within the enclosure , with their images and blazing fires, and the tzompantli or " skull-place," where the skulls of victims by tens of thousands were skewered on cross-sticks or built into towers.

Professor Petrie naturally supposed this great enclosure to be the Hellenion or common sanctuary of the Greeks, but Mr. Hogarth subsequently found traces of another great walled enclosure to the north-east of the town, together with pottery dedicated rois TC.

The words of the cold and moist vegetable Prince were not very comforting, and as he spoke them he turned away and left the enclosure. Period 2e By the late Iron Age the structural phases within the rectilinear enclosure appear to have ended. New Forms of Exchange Enclosure reorganizes society to meet the overriding demands of the market.

Please advice your teacher to resend the message to you by using ' MIME ' encoded ' enclosure ' method in Pegasus Mail. For Dressage and Showjumping, an uncovered ringside enclosure is situated in the North West corner of the arena. Squirrel Monkeys - The seven squirrel monkeys love their new enclosure.

The Enclosure Acts and the Industrial Revolution

Near the unsaddling enclosure is a bronze of the legendary Blast of Storm. Please note that all of our pool heaters need to be installed in a dry weatherproof enclosure. The cost of land and the need for visitors to see the animals limit the size of a zoo enclosure. In this way, if any of the animals within an enclosure seem to be unwell, you should avoid purchasing any of its cagemates as well.

Second, the enclosure also keeps unsightly droppings hidden from view. The sifter is operated by an electronic sensor that activates the rake approximately ten seconds after your cat leaves the enclosure.

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Allowing for the width of the rails and the wooden enclosure , several additional inches should be included in determining the size of the room and the free space allowed around the table for players to shoot. A simple enclosure of wire mesh fencing, two to four feet high, will do, or one can use recycled pallets to construct a shallow box to corral that compost pile.

Warm air is trapped inside the glass enclosure , and as long as the temperature and moisture levels are right, the plants thrive. The gases in the earth's atmosphere act much like that glass enclosure. Consider a glass enclosure , or sliding glass doors so you can see from one end of the room to the other. A glass aquarium with a secure lid makes an attractive and serviceable habitat, but even a plastic storage box with a series of small ventilation holes can work as an enclosure. Feed the snake its live meal in a different enclosure than his home; he will begin to recognize this as being meal time.

Either have someone hold him, or put him in another safe enclosure. Remove and discard any uneaten vegetables, fruits or meat servings from the enclosure after minutes. With this enclosure , they will be able to turn the area into any type of magical place they desire. The Tracy Bucket: A roomy, handheld tote with a grosgrain tie enclosure. The Backpack: A roomy exterior pocket and zip around top enclosure makes this classic easy to grab, go, and stow your items.

These also usually have a lap enclosure and a slightly structured rectangular style. With the sleek leather and long tassels embellishing its flap enclosure , this is roomy enough to hold all your essentials and then some. This wallet comes in a classic Hamptons style, with small snap enclosure , or the contemporary Soho look with oversized magnetic buckle enclosure. The Coach wallets in this category contain ten to twelve credit card pockets, a snap enclosure or inside coin pocket, one to two bill compartments, and dual multi-functional pockets or a multi-functional and outside pocket combination.

It offers six credit card slots, bill compartment, gusseted coin pouch, and multi-purpose pocket contained in a sleek flap and snap enclosure. The Skinny Mini may be the tiniest of Coach's wallet offerings, but with its zip pocket enclosure , outside credit card pocket, and key ring, you can still fit what you need for a party, dinner, or a shopping trip.

It has a snap enclosure to provide easy access to the seven card slots, bill compartment, ID window, and coin pocket on the interior. The Soho Wristlet Wallet has a zip-top enclosure that contains a sleek loop strap on one side. Although some totes are open without any enclosure , many have security enclosure s. Earth Axxessories Straw Shopper: This roomy shopper from Earth Axxessories adds drama with an oversized beaded emblem on the braided leather enclosure.

Urban Boundaries sells a sleek black backpack with foreboding red logo for a drmatic look and cinch enclosure for ease of use. An anterior pocket, shoulder strap, and fold-over top enclosure allow your items to stay organized but easily accessible when you need them. These bags don't typically actually clip onto your clothing although some bags may be equipped with this feature , but they are often referred to in this way due to their type of enclosure.

Although many clip and clasp enclosure style purses are designed as clutches, you can find some styles of these handbags with shoulder straps or removable straps that allow you to convert it between a shoulder bag and a clutch. They may have a fold-over flap, buckle enclosure , zip top or zip around security, or snap opening. Made from faux snakeskin, this stylish cover has a buckle enclosure , fresh hardware accents, and plenty of extras such as interior panel pockets, an expandable zippered compartment, and pen holder.

Background: Common Land

The typical design includes a belt loop enclosure and attached chain to keep valuables safe and secure. Standard Double Snap: A flap enclosure with dual stainless steel snaps keeps items secure. Trampolines: A child with autism may also enjoy jumping and a trampoline with a safety enclosure provides a safe environment for jumping.

Include the word " Enclosure " if there is indeed an enclosure , such as another document or product included with the business letter. Cleaning brick fireplace enclosure s requires different techniques depending on the style and material of the enclosure. A small child or animal could also get very sick if they ingest any of the residue and ashes found on either side of the enclosure. Unlike the brick work, you will want to avoid abrasive sponges, brushes and cleaning supplies, as these can damage and scratch the glass or metal found on your enclosure.

When you use a fireplace or wood burning stove, it's only natural that ashes will form and begin to build up on the floor and in the cracks and crevices of the entire enclosure. Typically, robes will cinch or tie with a sash or belt enclosure made of the same or complementary satin as the robe itself. An enclosure is simply a file attachment that goes along with the RSS feed, which can be likened to the attachments you can find in an email.

Winer discussed the enclosure concept with MTV disc jockey Adam Curry and demonstrated its use by enclosing a Grateful Dead song in his weblog. The drying chamber, with an inner ring of upright stone slabs, had been cut into the earlier enclosure bank.

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At most, include the wedding website on a separate enclosure card or, if needed, on the invitation , and include registry details there. If this is the case for you, note the RSVP details on the invitation, details card, or on a separate, small business card-sized enclosure. Great options include: envelope liners, a pretty patterned paper band, a DIY map enclosure , or a ribbon, button, or feather.

Elegant shower curtains can transform an ordinary tub enclosure into a stylish component that complements the rest of the room and makes it a whole.

Enclosure | Definition of Enclosure by Merriam-Webster

They can be hung within a tub enclosure or they can transform a sterile shower stall into an inviting retreat as this touch of elegance adds appeal to your room. After building an enclosure or wall of some sort, gardeners fill in the area with soil and compost and plant the flowers of their choice. Make a supporting enclosure - The manufacturer will include the dimensions for the supporting enclosure for your specific tub.

Basically, a supporting enclosure is a wood frame in which the tub will be placed. Surface mount transformer: A transformer that is housed in a visually appealing enclosure and attached directly over a power junction box in the ceiling or on the wall. To create an illusion of height, try elongating the profile of a window or the height of a tub enclosure by lengthening the window treatments or shower curtains.

Cut One - If your tub and shower enclosure shares a wall with a utility area, like a closet or laundry room, you can buy a snap-in panel assembly to create plumbing access. A DIY screen enclosure for your porch or patio can help you save money while keeping out the bugs on your seasonal porch, but it does require at least some degree of constructional know-how. Screen enclosure kits are designed to be fitted onto an existing porch or patio, transforming it into a sunporch or screened patio.

Rather than a custom screen enclosure built right on site by a contractor, DIY enclosure s consist of scored frames that are cut on site to the specific dimensions of the porch. While some DIY jobs can be handled by any homeowner, no matter what their construction experience, a DIY screen enclosure will require some working knowledge. If you want unobstructed views from specific seating areas in the enclosure , you'll need to sight them, place the door and determine the correct sizes of panel to move off of this point.

While not a difficult job to complete, this enclosure will require time, skills and precise measurements to complete. Weigh the costs of a custom enclosure against your skills and confidence in building your structure to ensure the job gets done right the first time. Riders can expect some sudden changes of direction, however, and the pitch black enclosure makes the ride startling even for experienced riders. They have a thick red plastic seal over the enclosure , presenting a false image of a traditional wax seal for added protection.

25.1.3: The Enclosure Act

There is a tent enclosure that is on the ground and attached to the trailer. One of the main reasons people choose designer caskets and coffins is to be able to have a personalized and unique enclosure for their loved one's body. There should be a sense of enclosure , and freedom to move within it. The word usage examples above have been gathered from various sources to reflect current and historial usage. They do not represent the opinions of YourDictionary.

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