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A woman who claims she's the Ukrainian orphan's biological mom says the girl is a child

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We have made updates to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy as of June 1, to give you more control over your personal information, support new data protection laws in the European Union called the General Data Protection Regulation GDPR , and allow you to make more informed privacy choices when you interact with us. Dear Santa Letter. But when her mother gets sick, she needs help to find the cure.

Thanks to Mackenzie from USA for requesting a story about a little girl called Sierra and her kitten called Forrest who can run like the wind. Martin was hungry. He wanted a bone, but not just any bone, the perfect bone. Follow Martin on his adventures as he searches the world for the perfect bone. What will Reggie do to keep himself from getting bored? Have you ever wondered how crocodiles and alligators managed to outlive the dinosaurs?

What could it be? When Layla and Andre arrived at the hospital to visit their Nana, who has been sick for a while, they never expected the surprise they got. Where was their Nana? What had happened to her? Would they ever find her? This story was kindly given to us for you to enjoy.

The queen desperately wanted a baby, so when she hears about a magical dragon who might be able to give her one she is overjoyed. Will the dragon give her a baby? What will the baby be like?

Gava told Daily Mail TV that she was told 'good people' in America were adopting Natalia

Waldo is a helicopter pilot who loves to help out. He has all sorts of amazing adventures! In this story Waldo is called upon to help deal with a sea monster called Slimey, who likes to tip people out of their boats! Slimey just wants to play but his games are no fun for the beach goers. Waldo really has his hands full this time. Will he be able to get Slimey the sea monster to change his mischievous ways?!

Brad doesn't believe in Father Christmas, and he doesn't want anyone else to believe that nonsense either. He's happiest when he's making everyone else miserable. His parents aren't bothered about Christmas either, so on Christmas Eve there's no decorations in the house, no tree downstairs, no stocking hung up. But, whether Brad believes it or not, soon he'll have to decide whether to stay being Bad Brad, or whether he'll get on his bike and save Christmas. Is it worth the effort for one person? For sure!

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And is it better to fix badness with kindness? Lilly and Dean love their dog, David. Lilly enjoys looking after him and feeding him, even if it isn't a very exciting job. At least it wasn't, until one day when Lilly found a special bag of dog food in the cupboard. What happens when she feeds it to David? They already knew the forest was a magical place, but then they find the treehouse… just sitting there. Ethern is a ghost. He lives in a cave. Ethern loves jokes, and all he wants to do is tell people his jokes. Poor Ethern. Will he ever find someone who will stay and listen to his jokes?

Every night she looks out her window at her five stars. But one night, there are only four stars in the sky. She knows that something is wrong with one of her stars. But she could never have imagined that she would be the only one who could get it shining again. In this story Waldo is called upon to help a trapped zoo truck taking a giraffe to see the beach for his very first time.

A big thank you to Kenton, who requested this story last year. Wilhelm lives at the base of the largest mountain in the land. When the sun is shining, he likes to play and go to school, or visit his papa who works up in the mines in the mountain.

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As soon as the sun starts to cast shadows across the land, Wilhelm and all the other people who live in his village must hurry back into their homes. If you get caught outside in the dark, you might fall prey to the stone goblins! When these little rock monsters attack the princess, putting her into a deep sleep, only Wilhelm can save her. Will he brave the mountain in the dark?

Lizzie the lizard wants to be a flying lizard and discover new places, when she grows up. Just you wait and see!

As it turns out, Lizzie might just get her wish after all, thanks to an unexpected meeting with the Lizard Wizard. But has she really thought this through? Alec finds a new stream. Instead of fish, though, this stream contains words and ideas, which Alec tries to catch. Meant to be read aloud, this visual story is a whimsical addition to the world of Alec and other "Stuart" stories.

His bedroom is very messy and his poor toys are all broken with parts missing. One day his toys decide that they have had enough. They must get the message to Barry that he needs to look after them better. So, they make a plan to talk with him What superpower would you most like to have? That is the discussion that three friends have while they wait at the bus stop one rainy day after school.

So, when she proudly opens the lid of the snack container to her teammates, only to see them back away in disgust, she is shocked! Who is responsible for this half-time disaster?

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A fun and lighthearted short story, highlighting the joy that can come from finding humour in our mistakes. EJ Schonauer is actually a writing team made up of identical twins Erin K. Schonauer and Jamie C. Buffy Bunny has ended up in New Zealand! Check in with him as he writes a postcard to his friends and tells them about all the fun things he has been doing.

Luke lives in apartment with his mum, his dad, and his new baby sister.

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One day, they start hearing loud noises coming from the upstairs apartment.