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'God looks like Jesus Christ' – Greg Boyd

Monday, May 16, 2011

God uses the Heaven-Earth-Linkage-Law again to inform us of the timing of something we cannot see. God put the kingdoms of Medo-Persia and Grecia in Daniel 8 because the 2, days began during the time of Medo-Persia.

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Review Chart 4. A starting date for the 2, years is not mentioned in Daniel 8 because the starting date is given in Daniel 9. To make matters more mysterious, the cleansing of the temple is in Heaven and not on Earth! No wonder this time-period has been a great mystery for nearly twenty-six centuries!

Fortunately, God has revealed the architecture of Daniel and we can determine when the 2, evenings and mornings began. We will find in our study on Daniel 9 that the seventy weeks and the 2, days start together and we will find that Daniel 7, Daniel 8, Daniel 9 and Revelation 4 and 5 perfectly align.

I hope you will be patient enough to allow the prophetic matrix to build. My frustration, as we go through this study, is in trying to explain why each piece of prophecy belongs in a certain place according to the rules before all the pieces that belong to the story have been identified!

The Cleansing of the Heavens

Therefore, all I can ask at the present is that you allow the matrix to place each new piece in its place. The Time of Wrath. The reformation Christians believed the horn power of Daniel 8 represented the papacy and some Christians today believe the same thing.

In other words, the horn power described in Daniel 8 does not appear prior to This simple fact eliminates the Roman Catholic Church as a possible candidate for the horn power of Daniel 8 because the Roman Catholic Church achieved absolute power in A. The little horn of Daniel 7 and the horn power of Daniel 8 cannot be the same entity for the following reasons:. The little horn of Daniel 7 rises out of the Roman Empire. The horn power of Daniel 8 does not derive its strength from Rome or any nation.

The horn power in Daniel 8 is a power unto itself.

The Great Controversy — Ellen G. White Writings

It appears out of one of the four winds, specifically, the north. The little horn of Daniel 7 arises in A. The horn power of Daniel 8 has to appear after because it appears during the appointed time of the end. The little horn of Daniel 7 represents a diverse or different type of kingdom Daniel that wars against the saints for a very long time 1, years.

The little horn in Daniel 7 was unlike the remaining seven horns in that it had eyes and a mouth. As we will see, taking the daily away from Jesus is something that no ordinary mortal can do, not even a pope! Daniel 7 predicts the papacy will recover from its wound and speak boastfully against the Most High.

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Revelation confirms the deadly wound will be healed at the time of the end, but Daniel 8 reveals that the Antichrist will destroy the authority of the papacy by casting all religions to the ground and trampling on them. The horn power in Daniel 8 cannot be destroyed by human power. This feature stands in contrast to the fact that the little horn in Daniel 7 is subject to mortality.

His blood is the instrument of the expiation and purification of all things, including. There was sin in heaven before there was sin on earth. The rebellious demons instructed and encouraged men to rebel against God. Third , by the blood-purification of the heavenly tabernacle, the Accuser has been replaced by the Advocate cf.

Christ's Ministry in the Heavenly Sanctuary

Irenaeus, Against the Heresies 3. In heaven he ever lives to intercede for us Hebrews This thesis is not limited to the Epistle to the Hebrews.

John, for instance, writes,. Fourth , by his ascent into heaven, Christ makes heavenly blessings available to us on earth cf. Ephesians In the final judgment, the sins of all true Christians will be transferred to Satan, who is symbolised by the scapegoat. The date is derived from the application of the day-year principle to Daniel The starting year for calculating is seen as the command to restore and rebuilt Jerusalem by Artaxerxes in B.

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Hebrews 9.23: Cult Inauguration, Yom Kippur and the Cleansing of the Heavenly Tabernacle

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